The Solomon Schechter Day School Of Greater Hartford

  • "Schechter shaped me into the person I am today. All of the teachers really reinforced the idea of respect,

    love toward Judaism, and being a good person." - Maddy, Class of 2014

  • "Schechter helped me become a confident person. It taught me how to speak up for myself

    and to be proud of who I am". - Alexandra, Class of 2013

  • "My class was a class of seven and this small number allowed me to gain insight into the formation of true friendships.

    The friendships that last a lifetime, not a few years". - David, Class of 2011

  • "Schechter has kept me intact with my Jewish culture, heritage and learning. The kind teachers and administration have helped me develop into the mature being I am today. I'd like to thank the entirety of the school for helping me grow up and easily assimilate into high school life". - Jonathan, Class of 2013

  • "Schechter taught me to make better friendships and become close with more people. The small community helpes to help you know how to make closer bonds with people". - Jonathan, Class of 2013

  • "Schechter helped me to forge my Jewish identity". - Micah, Class of 2014

  • "Schechter taught me the importance of community as well as Jewish values that will help me in life". - Hannah, Class of 2014

  • "Schechter had impacted me by showing me how to be closer with others. I went to Schechter for 12 years and in all those years all the faculty and students were very friendly and warm. I feel like this has helped me be more friendly to others". 

    - Ariel, Class of 2014

  • "Schechter has really prepared me academically for high school. I find myself succeeding easily". - Daniel, Class of 2013

  • "Schechter's small environment allowed me to feel comfortable steeping up as a leader and taking the first step".

    - Jake, Class of 2012

  • "SSDS was an important part of my life as I moved here for 7th and 8th grade. Coming in not knowing anyone, I was fully embraced here and I felt at home. Schechter became my family and community". - Nathan, Class of 2011

  • "Schechter instilled Jewish values that are still incredibly pertinent to my life- at college I'm incredibly involved as a leader in the Jewish world.  Last year I even founded an egalitarian/pluralistic learning program that's become an essential central part of Jewish life at NYU. Additionally, Schechter helped make me the leader I am today". - Shira, Class of 2009

  • "Schechter had benefited me tremendously. I have learned a ton of life lessons, school lessons, and Jewish values that impact my descisions on a daily basis. My in classroom knowledge has been changed by Schechter. I am more advanced in school because of Schechter". - Noah, Class of 2013

  • "I will never forget the teachers that have taught me over the years". - Elana, Class of 2013

  • "Schechter has impacted me with my study skills and how to have relationships with teachers. SSDS gave me self confidence".

    - Matt, Class of 2014

  • "Schechter has been a family to me. It is such a close school and I'm so glad that is how I spent my years at school".

    - Sossi, Class of 2014

  • "SSDS taught me critical thinking skills at a very early age. The teachers I had at SSDS taught me to love learning. I made many great friends who I stayed in contact with for years after". - Erik, Class of 2002

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