Beyond the Classroom: 6th Grade

A Solomon Schechter education extends beyond the classroom and into the world. Students in 6th grade participate in the following activities and events:


“Experiential learning that fosters Jewish, ecological and food sustainability.”

Every fall, Schechter’s 6th graders visits the Isabella Freedman Center, where they meet students from other Jewish day schools and explore Judaism and the environment. Highlights from TEVA include nighttime hikes, weighing compost and singing at the top of their lungs after mealtime. Students return from this 4-day adventure with a project to implement, an even stronger sense of community and numerous inside jokes!

House of Bread

On a monthly basis, Rogow students school volunteer at the House of Bread, an organization that provides food and shelter for Hartford’s disadvantaged citizens. Rogow students prepare and serve food in small groups. Through this work, students learn to treat everyone with respect and dignity, while deepening their understanding of their own community.

Sukkah Sleepover

The entire Rogow Middle School spends that night at Schechter during Sukkot for games, learning, singing, bonding and fun. Our young Israeli emissaries, in partnership with Rogow faculty, plan the evening. Students travel throughout the building for activities, including dinner, a movie and a special snack. The next day, students participate in community service. Past service projects include:

  • Cleaning the fields
  • Painting the gaga pit
  • Organizing the library
  • Making sandwiches for the homeless
  • Delivering blankets to shelters

Sukkot is a special time for students to take stock of their fortune, to learn about others and to give from themselves.