Scrip Program

Support Schechter While You Shop

Scrip cards are a great way to support Solomon Schechter Day School — at no extra cost! Using Schechter’s Scrip account, families can purchase discounted gift cards to a wide variety of retailers — grocery stores, gas stations, specialty shops, & more —thereby helping us secure a valuable source of income.

Scrip Online

And now it’s easier than ever with Scrip’s online ordering. Plus, Scrip recently expanded to include new vendors like Land’s End, Amazon and Home Depot.

To start, set up your account below.

For more information on Scrip vendors, visit

Start shopping!

  1. Go to to set up an account (click the green box on the left hand side). Our school code is 31E9A7D94436
  2. Once you set up an account, login. At the top of the screen (in a blue bar) is a link to set up a PrestoPay account. This links to your bank account for electronic payment. The cost of the service is $0.39 per transaction (less than the cost of a stamp to mail the check to school!)
  3. Once your PrestoPay account is setup, check your bank account for two small deposits that PrestoPay will make to verify your account (as is standard with Paypal accounts).
  4. Log in to and verify these amounts. The system will then give you an activation code. Please email this code to Elizabeth Ehrlich ( and then your account will be all set!
  5. Order scrip cards.

For assistance or additional information, please contact Elizabeth Ehrlich at 860-523-5994 or