Head of School

At Schechter, we believe each one of our students has the potential to change the world.

We believe that a Schechter education uniquely positions each of our students to balance critical thinking and compassion, a central theme in Judaism; we believe that when people are deeply connected to community and one another they are able to act with wisdom and grace.

We know that by engaging in deep Jewish learning that enriches their understanding of themselves, contributing to a community through tzedakah, leadership and support, and being immersed in a learning environment that ignites curiosity, problem solving and understanding we graduate young people positioned to make a difference.

Ours is a dynamic, multi-age and progressive education, focusing on: problem solving; critical thinking and text analysis; artistic expression; emotional awareness and growth and a personalized approach. Each year we graduate students who are bold, creative, compassionate and capable of navigating an ever-changing world.

Our faculty are master educators who take on new challenges with gusto, they work through nuance, they consider each and every student in their instruction; and they are on a never ending learning trajectory.

This is what a Schechter education is for; this is what motivates us everyday, and this is what we want for our students.

Come visit and see for yourself what an incredible gift a Schechter education is. I look forward to welcoming you.

Andrea Rose Cheatham Kasper, EdD

Head of School


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