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Newsletter: Schechter Shavua

Schechter Shavua: December 1, 2023

We shine the light on some of the ways in which Schechter puts our Mission and Core Values into practice. Whether it’s devoting an entire day to helping people in need on Giving Tuesday, forming deeper connections to taking care of the Earth, or participating in Professional Development that…


Schechter Shavua: November 17, 2023

Our Schechter Science Issue features the different types of science that classes incorporate into their learning, all in age-appropriate ways. Early Childhood students learn to make predictions and observations; some elementary students are learning about plant life cycles. Middle schoolers delve…


Reggio Sunday Funday 11/19/23

RSVP for Schechter's Reggio Sunday Funday 11/19/23


Schechter Shavua: November 3, 2023

Schechter has opened our doors to NINE Israeli students in recent weeks; learn how our students are making them feel welcome. Then, Kindergarten students fused together lessons about science, art, and the environment in one fun activity, while Art Studio for Schechter’s older students teaches both…


Schechter Shavua: October 20, 2023

While the Schechter community continues to support Israel by collecting supplies, acting to support the IDF, and writing letters, we also provide balance and security through the structure of our everyday lives. In this issue, we share news about the ways in which everyday learning helps Schechter…


Schechter Shavua: October 6, 2023

We have had a beautiful week of Sukkot celebrations, after the holiday got off to a rainy start over the weekend. This issue explores some of the ways that students have delved into the holiday: a MakerSpace Sukkot Challenge, multiage collaboration to decorate the school, and community-building…


Schechter Shavua: September 22, 2023

One of the great things about a Schechter education is that students learn that Judaic Studies does not necessarily have to be learned or practiced in isolation from other subjects. In this issue, we follow Middle School and Kindergarten students as they synthesize MakerSpace, science, and math…


Schechter Shavua: September 8, 2023

Students and faculty continue to build the foundations of a strong year, setting personal academic goals, challenging themselves in unfamiliar territory, working collaboratively, and learning the building blocks of a new language. Using a growth mindset and positive thinking, we know that each…


Schechter Shavua: September 1, 2023

Schechter’s first week has set the tone for a year of inspired learning, creativity, and Jewish connection. Early Childhood students have been adjusting beautifully to new routines. Anafim students (grades 1-2) jumped into science class and the power of making observations. And find out more about…

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