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Schechter Shavua: June 14, 2021

We have so much to celebrate! Even with all of our Covid precautions, our students were enriched and intrigued, loved and safe. Fifth graders read Torah for the first time. Second and third graders became architects and tested their methods of bridge-building. And last week we sent off our 8th…


Schechter Shavua: June 7, 2021

We celebrate our core values every week, but even more so as we close out a year that has been filled with the unexpected! Throughout the pandemic, Schechter has remained true to these core values in the classroom and in our hearts! Get a closer look as first graders receive their first siddurim, as…


Schechter Shavua: June 1, 2021

As the school year comes to a close, the learning only ramps up! Get a snapshot of what’s happening: 8th graders studying ethnomusicology, a student-led play getting rave reviews, and the Early Childhood students bursting with pride to show off their art at the Drive-Through Art Show!


Head of School Announcement

Schechter Welcomes Rabbi Yoni Berger as New Head of School


Schechter Shavua: May 24, 2021

Schechter’s Early Childhood students are exposed to a rich curriculum that encompasses the arts, language, science and math, and Judaics. In this issue, check out some of the amazing programming taking place in a few of these areas, including a visit with an Art Educator, first-hand experience with…


Schechter Shavua: May 10, 2021

Judaic Studies students use in-depth textual analysis to enrich their critical thinking skills while Makerspace class encourages creativity and problem solving. Students in art class apply their knowledge of different cultures to make masks out of mixed media.


Schechter Shavua: May 3, 2021

Our second and third grade students learn research and writing skills by focusing on subjects that are very close to their hearts. Plus, in Early Childhood, students create personalized Shabbat Boxes to help them learn and practice the Shabbat rituals in meaningful ways.


Schechter Shavua: April 26, 2021

The great outdoors is calling! We celebrated our first RELISH of the year all together, distanced on the soccer field, and it was great to celebrate Shabbat as a community. In PE, students are honing their skills in a variety of ways while building teamwork and collaboration.


Schechter Shavua: April 19, 2021

What better way to celebrate Yom Ha’atzmaut (Israel’s birthday) than to travel there to see the sights?! At Schechter, we’re not held back by a pandemic…. instead, each class in the school learned about a city or famous location in Israel and then transformed their classroom into that location.…


Schechter Shavua: April 12, 2021

Science can be experienced in so many different ways and at a wide range of developmental levels. Visit three teams - one middle school, one elementary school, and one Early Childhood - to see the ways in which our teachers are exposing students to exciting scientific concepts. Plus, check out how…

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