Schechter Shavua: November 22, 2021

Schechter’s Student Council Leaders Have Big Plans

student council- smaller.JPEGThe Student Council is in full swing, planning activities that boost school spirit and represent Schechter’s core values. Their programs will range from helping with Giving Tuesday projects to Pajama Day to selling hot chocolate to raise money for good causes… and much more! 

Mazal tov to all of the Student Council members!
President- Jethro
Co-Vice Presidents- David and Michaela
Treasurer- Nava
Secretary- Orla
7th Grade Rep- Lillian
6th Grade Rep- Iliana

Growth Mindset Work Continues

growth mindset- smaller.JPEG Students and faculty are continuing their regular work in Growth Mindset. The Mantra for November: I Am a Valued Member of This Learning Community . Students reflected on questions that pertain to this mantra, then discussed and wrote about their reflections using these prompts: How do your teachers or your friends make you feel like a valued member of your classroom? What can I do for others to make them feel like a valued member of the classroom? We have included excerpts from some of the students' responses across a range of grade levels.

David(Habonim/grade 7)
They make me feel like a valued member of the classroom by treating me with respect and kindness, and by helping me when I need help.
I can be respectful when they are talking by not calling out, and by helping them if they ask for it and it is a situation where I am allowed to help them.

Jesse(Parparim/grade 1)
My friends like to play with me and my teachers give me second chances when we make mistakes. I let my friends make choices to help everyone have fun. 

Levi(Rimonim/grade 3)
My friends and teachers make me feel like a valued member of the classroom because they help me with my work and I can make others feel like a valued member by helping people. 

Elliot(Gesher/grade 5)
Teachers, they put fun into assignments. They care about you and your safety, and they do the best they can to make you feel happy. Friends, they care about you, they see if you're okay if you get hurt and they never make you feel alone. I can care about them, see if they're okay, if they're hurt, play at recess with them, sit with them at lunch, talk to them, help them, accept them, stand up for them, don't make fun of them, don't let others make fun of them. Be nice in general.

Anya(Bogrim/grade 8)
My friends make me feel like a valued member of the classroom by laughing with me (making me happy) and listening to me when I talk. My teachers make me feel valued by paying attention to my needs and helping me. I make others feel like valued members of the learning community by helping them when they need help.

Gabe(Parparim/grade K)
They help me learn my red words and if I forget one, I can ask one of my friends or my teachers. I play games with my friends to have fun together. 

Reva(Gesher/grade 4)
My friends make me feel like a valued member of my classroom because my friends help me learn and have fun. I can ask my friends if they are okay, if they are sad. 

Elsa(Rimonim/grade 3)
My teachers make me feel like a valued member of my classroom because they help me and respect my opinions and my ideas. I can make others feel like a valued member of the classroom by including them and respecting them and their ideas.

Counting and Chanukah go Hand-in-Hand in Dubonim

dubonim painting- smaller.JPG Dubonim students (EC2) have many developmentally-appropriate ways to learn about Chanukah. Last week they painted a giant chanukkiahwhich will go on their classroom bulletin board. The children will also be painting candles, which they will add as the days of Chanukah go by. Counting and art are great ways for our youngest students to learn about the holiday and feel connected to it.

For more photos of Dubonim painting their chanukkiah, click HERE.

Endow Hartford