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Beyond the Classroom

A Solomon Schechter education extends beyond the classroom and into the world. Students in the Lower School participate in the following activities and events.

Kindergarten: Butterfly Metamorphosis

Whether continuing on from our Early Childhood Program or joining the Schechter community for kindergarten, our students flourish with a hands-on, minds-on approach. Striving to keep these young students actively engaged, we integrate content into exciting activities. Butterfly Metamorphosis is a kindergarten favorite. Students raise and nurture caterpillars, observing their metamorphosis, and ultimately releasing the butterflies into a safe environment.

Grade 1: Reading Buddies

At Schechter, the Reading Buddies program is a significant and valuable cross-grade level experience for students. Each first grader is paired with an eighth grade buddy. The buddies meet every other Friday for creative and meaningful activities, thereby strengthening Schecter’s already-established sense of community.

Grade 2: Intergenerational Connections

Over the course of the year, second grade students strengthen their relationships with senior citizens in the community (with whom they previously shared holidays and other special occasions). This is one of the many ways Schechter looks to instill wisdom within its students — by building intergenerational relationships with Jewish citizens and community leaders.

Grade 3: Build-a-Bear

Throughout the year, our third graders focus on the value of goodness. In mid-November, and in the spirit of Thanksgiving, they consider the less fortunate — other children who have little or nothing. Putting “good-heartedness” into action, the students “Build-a-Bear,” complete with a red heart and a heartfelt wish, which is delivered to a local housing shelter.

Grade 4: Duck Hatching

Fourth grade science students learn about the life cycle in our Duck Hatching unit. They actively participate, first by nurturing the eggs through the incubation period and later by tending to the ducklings. Students serve as caretakers, feeding, watering, cleaning, and even walking the ducklings around school.

Fifth Grade: Connecticut Invention Convention

Fifth grade students put their problem-solving skills to work as they participate in the Connecticut Invention Convention. They research, analyze and work to solve a real-life problem. This project-based event is a 5th grade highlight!

Schoolwide: “Day of Giving”

Following November’s “Day of Indulgence” and “Days of Deal Getting,” the Schechter community celebrates a “Day of Giving.” On this day, students remember those who lack the resources to shop or indulge. In keeping with our core values of Community and Good-heartedness, each student makes and donates a gift for someone in need. From homemade cat beds made for a local animal shelter to posters for children at the Connecticut Children’s Medical Center, Schechter students give generously to many members of our neighboring community.

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