Annual Fund (F.O.S.S.)

Friends of Solomon Schechter

Our annual campaign, Friends of Solomon Schechter (FOSS), fuels the school’s fundamental operations, while allowing it to be responsive and innovative. Because our cost-per-student is higher than tuition, we rely on a community-wide commitment to Jewish education.

As such, Schechter strives for 100% participation from parents and staff. Join us and make a gift that will enable us to maintain and deliver our outstanding programs.

For questions or to make a donation by phone, please contact Sherri Pliskin, Development Officer, at, or 860-561-0700 x354.


Personalize your gift to FOSS! You can:

  • Acknowledge a life event
  • Support an innovative program
  • Honor a loved one
  • Make a gift of appreciated stock


Schechter uses a constructivist approach encouraging self-directed, independent thinkers who are motivated to follow their own curiosity. Schechter draws from the Jewish tradition of Hevruta (paired) learning and encourages students to derive their own meaning.

Core Values

We develop students who are bold and resilient, formed by Schechter’s core values of Wisdom (Chochma), Community (Klal Yisrael) and Good Heartedness (Lev Tov) and prepared to successfully navigate an ever-changing world.


Schechter encourages the healthy development of students’ bodies, minds and spirits through participation in its athletic program. Soccer, basketball and track and field teams provide students the opportunity to develop skills and sportsmanship in a supportive and collaborative setting.

The Arts

The arts play a central role at Schechter — both in the classroom and through our music and visual arts program. As a Jewish school, students also experience the arts as a component of Tefilah (prayer), ritual, history, community and as an expressive outlet for their own Judaism.

Affordability & Diversity

Students come to Schechter from diverse socio-economic and family backgrounds. We strive to make a Schechter education affordable to all families by offering financial support. We are proud that our community represents diverse nationalities and languages, reflecting cultures from across the globe.

Staff Development

Schechter’s teaching faculty are forward-thinking, collaborative and committed professionals. Schechter faculty and staff are engaged in ongoing professional development.